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Learning from a variety of source is key

Having going out and meeting a lot more people recently, I can start feeling differences in the way they learn and value learning:

  • Phd students tend to read a lot, and trust the source they read and learn. Many of them view people who disagree as idiots, stupid and not complicated enough
  • Practical and on hands people normally disregard reading, as it took them too long for it. They prefer working on the issue and having a chat with people.
  • Parents overestimate the value of studying in famous high school and colleges.
  • Entrepreneurs love learning from real experience and getting out to the real world, and point to Bill Gates as a solid example.

It is hard to say who is right, and everybody has their own strength and weakness. The reason they got their current achievement is due to those strength, weakness and hobbies.

But overtime, people’s mind change. I think that learning a little bit from any source is a better way to advance:

  • Books help you to look at the big picture, with facts, data and insights.
  • People tell you their stories, what is touching to their feeling. Those stories teach you that everybody feel differently about the same fact.
  • People give you concrete guideline and example, which saves you hours or months of reading and researching.
  • There are lots of things formal education can teach you, but there are lots of things that they cannot teach you. Nobody else can teach you either. You need to go out and experience for yourself. In Information Technology, NoSQL means Not Only SQL, and in education, NoDegree means Not Only Degree.

Opening your mind and your heart to knowledge, insights and understanding. Sometimes, what is factually right does not matter to lots of people. People are never rational. To convince them, you touch their hearts first, and then their mind.

You cannot touch their hearts without a solid fact follows on. That is dangerous for society as well. Trump is an example.