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New Twitter XAuth and Sharing on iPhone

This Twitter sharing library for iPhone has a great User Interface, comparing to my current library for Twitter Sharing, the only problem is that it does not work with new XAuth project. So, I decided to take that UI and merge into my existing codebase for twitter xauth and sharing. The new library allow you to login, share and logout

And here is the result. It looks great and really like the UIAlertView in iPhone

Login To Twitter with iPhone

Login To Twitter

Share on Twitter

Share on Twitter










Happy New Year – New year with new chances and success

Happy New Year

Wish Happy New Year

Happy new year to everybody. Hope you all have a year of happiness with friends and families and a year of successes.

I am really looking forward to new opportunities in CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), working in Australian and American company as well as freelance iPhone development job.

Thank everybody for a year reading my blog and I feel so good about this. I always have a good feeling when my contribution to the community gets better and better and brings real value to you, readers.


Twitter: XAuth + Sharing

DDSocialDialog for Twitter

DDSocialDialog for Twitter

Showing a place for logging and sharing a tweet in Twitter with my new library. You now can use XAuth without even understanding about how it works and you also have a nice facebook-style pop up.

For details about XAuth and how to use the XAuth functions, you can follow this link: Aralbalkan’s blog and his feather apps.

For showing a Twitter Pop up Dialog, I appreciate the effort of DDSocialDialog and the quick image is like in the left hand image.

I hope that this will help other iphone developers and me to cut their time and efforts to redo this dialog again and again.