Experience, bad and good

Just congratulated my 26th birthday. I have got 6 years of working experience under my belt, but now I always have a big question: Am I 6 years more experience than my 20 years old, or just 1 year of experience repeated 5 times. And do I have a 6 years of shit assumption, bad software, customer and internal development practice. Sometimes, it is hard to tell huh :)) A reflection of what I became after 6 years is truly crucial. When I was in university, I saw myself as a software architecture or a computer science researcher. However, working my first job opens my eyes about the startup world, the comfort zone, the up and down of a software startup. This, together with the realization that I am not a good fit for an academic research role, changes my career path. It shows an important lesson for me that it would always be good to set out a plan, try your best and willing to adapt or change to a new environment for a new challenge

The good thing about the IT career is that it is always changing fast.  Experience can become old, like my iOS 3 and 4 experience would not be used any more. Even experience with iOS5 and 6 can become obsolete soon. New thing like Swift can change the landscape fast.

Unfortunately, it can become hard for me when I need to manage people or develop a program. It might be a lot easier for me to give a clear guidance to others based on my old experience and people will just follow and do that quickly. But then, they won’t be able to find out a new way of doing that thing. People surprised me all the time about their different way of thinking, which reminds me to be humble and patient to listen to their idea

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