Book Review

Well, I am back into my writing mood now, so I will go quickly through a list of books that I read. This is very personal, and everybody has their own priorities about what books are good.

Here is my list:

  • It must be engaging. Yes, it has to be. Fun is a plus
  • A little bit of story telling and some fact, research supported fact. Story supports your emotion, and helps you to link with the people, and remember what you read longer. However, too much story seems to focus on details and fail to abstract a lesson from then.
  • It offers new content and knowledge in each chapter. There are good books with amazing beginning chapters, but then it goes on and on about the same topic or concept. “I got it, thanks”, and move on.

Some kinds of books I love reading on:

  • Technology books. Definitely. Well, it is always awesome to read old and new technology books. They taught us new mindset, new tricks and new process.
  • Psychology and Sociology books. I actually want to touch into the people’s emotion and feeling, rather than just learning management. I think learning management offers lots of value, but I enjoy psychology and Sociology more.
  • Management, Process and Leadership
  • Design, UI & UX
  • Law
  • Sales

In the next post, I would review many of the books I read, hope that it can help others to find out what they should learn


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